9 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing a Wedding Venue

You and your significant other now wear an engagement or a promise ring, and marriage is on the horizon. Among all the decisions you must make in preparation for the big day, choosing a venue is arguably among the most important. Where you decide to take your wedding venue significantly impacts how you remember what … Read more

Oedipus complex

Oedipus complex

Oedipus complex; what is? The designation of the term Oedipus complex in the structure of psychoanalysis. The main symptoms of this condition and the characteristics of its occurrence in boys and girls. The main principles of correction and advice to parents. The Oedipus complex is a child’s unconscious sexual attraction to a parent of the … Read more

Stress: How to treat stress in a child

Stress in a child

Stress in children is common. It affects the functioning of many body systems and can cause serious illness. The article describes the causes, treatment methods, and prevention in such situations. Stress in a child is the adaptability of the body’s response, or rather the central nervous system, to various stimuli (physical, emotional, mental). In childhood, … Read more

Hyperactivity: How to treat a child with hyperactivity

Child with hyperactivity

Hyperactivity, what is? hyperactivity disorder in children and its main manifestations. When and why do the first symptoms of this pathology appear. The main factors that contribute to its development. Modern methods of combating and preventing the syndrome. Hyperactivity in children is a pathological condition characterized by high activity in the mental and physical systems … Read more